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New Study Says Hospitals Can Do Better

According to the latest addition of the Journal of Patient Safety, analysis of hospital statistics found that over 200,000 people die each year in hospitals; and their deaths were preventable, if they were properly treated by doctors and hospital staff. Their research claims that hospitals often have the knowledge to prevent accidents, but they tend to cut corners in the financial books. The report calls on hospitals around the globe to invest more into patient safety, which could include mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios, which have been linked to fewer cases of medication errors, pressure sores, and falls. Study authors admitted that their data does...

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Smartphones Both Dangerous and Costly On the Road

It is well known how dangerous smartphones can be in the hands of drivers, but new research has discovered handheld devices are even hurting drivers who put them away while they’re at the wheel. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average insurance premium rose to $926 last year. That’s a 16-percent spike over the last five years. Insurance companies argue the raised premiums are required to cover an increasing number of claims, many of which are caused by distracted drivers. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission recently conducted a new study, which found that smartphone use increases a driver’s accident risk by...

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Oversight By FDA Put Women At Risk of Cancer

According to a report issued on Wednesday by the Government Accountability Office, doctors and hospitals failed to tell the Food and Drug Administration about cases in which cancer was spread around inside women’s bodies by a surgical tool used to operate on the uterus. Scattering cancer cells worsens the disease and decreases a patient’s chances of long-term survival.   Due to a lack of information, the tool, called a power morcellator, was widely used for more than 20 years before the F.D.A. acted to limit it, after being alerted to the problem in 2013 by a patient who was harmed. The device,...

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Study Shows Minority Patients Underrepresented At City’s Elite Hospitals

According to a study released last Thursday in the International Journal of Health Services, black patients are under-represented at New York City’s academic medical centers.   The findings are consistent with other reports over the years that show the city’s academic medical centers take fewer Medicaid and uninsured patients than safety-net hospitals, and insurance is often a proxy for race.   In New York City, Medicaid patients were one-half as likely, and uninsured patients were one-quarter as likely, as privately insured patients to receive care at an academic medical center, according to the study.   But “insurance coverage did not fully account for the striking under-representation...

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City Council Can Protect NYC Construction Workers by Mandating Better Training

On Tuesday thousands of New York City construction workers assembled to mourn the tragic loss of 30 workers who died in construction accidents over the past two years. However, they weren't there only to mourn, but have turned their grief into an urgent call for action to help prevent future job-site fatalities. There's no question that the recent surge in construction activity in our city has delivered many benefits. But, unfortunately, it has also taken an intolerable toll in human life. “We gather at City Hall today to demonstrate our support for this critically important package of bills that will protect the...

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