The Personal Injury Process In New York

Insurance companies are part of a sophisticated multi-billion dollar industry. Representatives of those companies, the insurance adjusters, are trained negotiators who are out to minimize settlement offers or deny claims altogether.

Help from an experienced personal injury attorney will prevent you from innocently saying something “helpful” to a claim adjuster that could be used to deny, delay or reduce your compensation.

At TROLMAN GLASER CORLEY & LICHTMAN, P.C., we take the time to explain your rights and what to expect from the legal process. If you have been injured in an accident, contact us today online or by telephone at (888) 627-4274 to speak with an experienced New York injury lawyer.


After a car accident, make sure that you seek medical treatment. Get checked out by a doctor even if you think your injuries are minor — they could be more extensive than you realize.

Gather documentation from the doctor, as well as from the accident. If you filed a police report, get a copy. Create a file or notebook where you can keep a record of everything.

Before long, a representative from an insurance company will contact you asking for a statement or pressure you to sign something. Before you provide a statement or sign anything, speak with a New York personal injury lawyer.


Once you bring TROLMAN GLASER CORLEY & LICHTMAN, P.C., into the picture, our car accident attorneys will work with you to gather additional evidence. We’ll look at what you’ve gathered, and access your medical records. We may visit the accident scene and track down witnesses, as well. In cases of severe injuries or particularly catastrophic accidents, we might even consult with an accident reconstructionist.

Based on our research, we will provide an honest assessment of whether or not you have a claim, what your case is worth, and how to proceed.


The next step in the process is actually filing the lawsuit. While you may be hesitant to sue the driver who is responsible, it is important to take this step to send a message to the other party’s insurance company. It will also preserve your rights if a resolution is not reached before the statute of limitation expires.

After filing a complaint or petition with the court, the court will issue a summons that identifies when the defendant has to respond. As the case moves forward, both sides will conduct discovery — interviewing witnesses, requesting documents, answering interrogatories.

As part of pre-trial hearings and negotiations, we may reach an agreement to settle the case. If that is in your best interest, then we can resolve the matter through settlement. But, if the case does not settle, then we will take the case to trial.


Sometimes we can settle your claim quickly, but other times the personal injury process can be a long and trying process. Either way, we’ll be with you every step of the way. To get help from an experienced Bronx accident lawyer, contact us today online or by telephone at (888) 627-4274.