The Dangers of Lead Paint

Nearly 50 years after lead paint was outlawed in New York, this hazard is still causing serious neurological injuries and lifelong disabilities for innocent children throughout the state.

Many older buildings still contain lead paint. It is the legal responsibility of building owners and landlords to properly remove lead-laden paint and protect residents from its dangers in the approved manner. But too frequently, lead paint on walls and surfaces in apartments is not properly treated, and building residents — often children who eat paint chips or breathe in paint dust — are the victims.

At TROLMAN GLASER CORLEY & LICHTMAN, P.C., we have served the legal needs of New York families for more than 50 years. We have a long history of success handling lead paint poisoning cases and are prepared to help you get the money you need to make it through this difficult ordeal.

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At TROLMAN GLASER CORLEY & LICHTMAN, P.C., we help people who have suffered due to exposure to toxic lead paint in apartment buildings, houses, rental properties and other premises.

Lead-based paint poses serious health risks to human beings, especially children, who are more prone to ingesting lead paint. If walls and other apartment surfaces that contain lead paint are not properly treated or repaired by landlords, the paint tends to peel and flake. As a result, adults and children alike are exposed to the lead paint and lead dust. Children who ingest the chips can sustain serious health problems, including:

Learning disabilities

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling lead paint poisoning cases and have a long record of successful results in negotiations and in the courtroom. We understand the impact that lead paint poisoning can have on your family and we will give our full effort and attention to securing fair and just compensation.

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