Medication Errors

Does Your Loved One Seem Lethargic or Overmedicated?

Many elderly individuals depend on daily medications to ease their pain, treat ailments and prevent illness. Improper medication or a missed or incorrect dosage can have catastrophic results.

Nursing home residents trust that their care providers will properly allocate and administer their medications. When that does not happen and residents are not given the right medication at the right time, it is considered nursing home neglect.

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Common Types of Medication Errors in New York Nursing Homes

Each year, thousands of people in nursing homes, group homes and hospitals are given the wrong medication. Unfortunately, improper medication errors can have tragic results — especially in the case of older adults. Not receiving the right dosage or the right medication at the right time can result in treatment setbacks, allergic reactions or even death.

Common medication errors in nursing homes include:

When these errors occur, it is usually because a nursing home staff member, assisted living provider, nurse, doctor or other health care professional was negligent or failed to follow a care plan.

One other alarming medication trend at some nursing homes and assisted living centers is to overmedicate residents as a chemical restraint. Staff can administer medication as a chemical restraint only when ordered by a doctor to treat an underlying condition — not simply to restrain a resident or control behavior as a matter of convenience. Administering drugs or overmedicating residents to restrain them can have serious side effects and long-term effects on one’s health.

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