Motor Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle collisions happen every single day. However, a particularly dangerous and often fatal result of crashes are rollovers. Rollovers are extremely dangerous, often leading to fatalities in smaller, lightweight cars. SUVs are particularly prone to rollovers due to the “tripping” effect. When a car’s tire catches a piece of debris, a curb, or large rock, the momentum of the car suddenly changes, causing the car to flip over.

However, another potential cause of vehicle rollovers are poorly maintained roads or defective tires. Rollovers that occur in cars with manufacturing defects are often eligible for court action against the manufacturing company. Meanwhile, with rollovers that may have been caused due to poor road maintenance it may be more appropriate to pursue the community municipality that holds responsibility for road care.

Drivers that have experienced rollover due to one of these conditions may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and loss of wage due to missing work. Talking with an experienced lawyer can help you decide if legal prosecution is the right path for you.

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